UFO Sighting in Turkey?

ufo1 UFO Sighting in Turkey?

Run-of-the-mill spaceship spying on your memories.

Among all the universal mysteries that bear explanation, one subject in particular raises as much debate as any: are we alone?

There have been perhaps a million accounts of UFO sightings over the years, most of which either have logical explanations or have been proven hoaxes. Well, what if I told you I have a video that offers decently solid proof of extraterrestrial existence?

The language is Turkish, I believe, and I don’t speak Turkish, but I can certainly fake-interpret.

Either they’re saying:

Woman: Holy crap, what is that in the sky?

Man: I don’t know, but it looks like a McDonald’s toy.

Woman: McDonald’s toy? I thought they banned toys, and even Happy Meals.

Man: Maybe, but they used to have toys that looked like that thing.

Woman: Pretty sure it’s an alien spaceship. Where are the tinfoil hats I made last year?


Woman: See how good I am at Photoshop?

Man: You’re a regular James Cameron.

Either way, kinda cool, right?


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