Win $102.50 Every 15 MINUTES!

moola post Win $102.50 Every 15 MINUTES!

KZOK continues the celebration through November by giving you CASH…  every 15 minutes!  It’s the KZOK MOOLA PALOOZA contest!  We’re giving away $102.50 every 15 minutes! To win, just listen for “MOOLA PALOOZA” to sound every 15 minutes from 7-8am and 4-5pm.  Program the digits in your phone:   1-800-252-1025! The 10th caller scores $102.50!

The winning starts Monday, November 1st, only from The Home of Classic Rock, 102.5 KZOK!   Complete contes rules HERE(PDF).

  • randy boe (pronounced bow as in bow @ arrow)

    im 47 years old. live in renton wa. listening to kzok since my freshman year in high school. (graduated from hazen high in 1981) i worship jimi hendrix. was wondering if you might know of a song by jimi possibly on an import album titled “come on” ? its not the song come on let the good times roll on electric ladyland either. this song is fantastic you guys! please locate what album or whatever it is that a jimi hendrix song titled “come on” is located and if there is anyway i can get a copy of it. thank you for your valuable time. sincerely randy t boe of renton wa.

  • XON

    YA HOO ,Long time listner,glad to have music in the morning…

  • Brent S

    I miss Bob Rivers and the crew but do like the music. Have listened to you since 1979 and still do when I’m in the car and not working.


    KZOK has been my hands down favorite ever since you hit the airwaves. Can’t remember exactly when that was though. All the years of rocking my *ss off have left me slightly impaired. I’m not complaining, don’t get me wrong. Just saying. And KZOK was my constant companion. At partys, cruising downtown Bremerton in the 70’s and at home.Laughed at Crow and West, Mr. Peter, leave it to BeaverI( Ah, gee. w-w-Wally) I’ve been to the station and sat in audience. I got Spike to autograph a KZOK banner for me which I display on a wall. I
    wear kzok shirts and hats, etc. There is no doubt you are my favorite station. We’ve been together for a long, long time. Keep on Rockin’ them classics and I’ll stay tuned. ;~)

  • Carol

    Hey please play some joplin

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