Crow And West, Robin And Maynard Together Again And Not In Rehab

cw191 Crow And West, Robin And Maynard Together Again And Not In Rehab

Don’t tell me you haven’t dreamt of this moment before? I heard of cases of some people that tried to buy a DeLorian to  go back in time and see them together again. Fortunately, you didn’t need that; it happened anyway. Today, the boys, who obviously are up-to no good, decided to call Robin and Maynard; yes both of them, and had a mini reunion on the air… Do you want to hear how it went?

I guess it wasn’t enough with one phone call, because  Robin and Maynard decided to call back!

  • R&M fan

    It was great hearing Robin and Maynard this morning. Wish it would have been longer. Wouldn’t it be cool if they did a podcast?

  • Kim

    Bring back Robin and Maynard please!!!!!

  • DN

    It would be great to hear a podcast with Mr. Maynard, Madam Fabulina and of course Roy Otis

  • Van

    This is the ultimate flash back…..but, this one, I don’t want it to stop…….

  • frogwash

    leave Crow & West on……

  • Stew

    Wow, Crow and West. I’ll start listening in the mornings again!

  • Jillb

    Missed the live broadcast but listened to the recording, brought back fond memories- big R&M fan, also glad to have C&W back..

  • Corndog Fan


  • Douglas Harwood

    What a pleasure hearing those voices again. Very entertaining. Bring em ALL back.

    • Robin in Bremerton

      Crow and West in the morning? Woot! I can listen to Seattle radio in the morning again! BRAVO guys!

      Check out John Maynard on Record Bin Roulette.

      I hear that Robin has retired to her ranch in Montana to sew and bake. I sure would like to see them back on the air. And I am pissed I did not know that Crow and West were having a reunion.

  • mike

    gotta get this line up back. I’ll burn my satellite radio

  • Scott Omli

    How about Langan and West? Now that was good radio!!!

  • Larry

    Crow & West, Robin & Maynard – some of the best Seattle radio has ever had to offer. Bring ’em back! I’d listen to a radio station with all of them.

  • Doug

    This remionds me of when Radio was entertaining…bring them ALL back…..

    • Bruce Duncan

      I miss Seattle radio.Moved to E Washington,I do Lex and Terry on XM.They are very good,but they are not this bunch!

  • Pat

    What a great flashback!!
    I long for the days of R & M with their entire cast of hooligans; as well as, stunts like the Bremerton water supply debacle. Good stuff.
    Please try to get them back on the air in Seattle.

  • Hugh Ardon

    Hey Crow and West, you two guyses are bitchin’! Robin and Maynard, now that you do the greetings on the state ferries, I’m all cuddled up like One Ball at Kenmore Pool Hall. You know, the one that is 2brodies around the corner , flip a b*&ch at the stop sign, burn rubber for 40 feet and you’re next to the House of Puppets.

  • http://Comcast Jed Clampett


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